Favorite Pizza in Rome

In the land of a million great ristorantes, trattorias, and pizzerias, it’s hard to find one that is head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to who serves up the best pizza. To be honest, most of them are good, if not great, but I believe I have found one that I would declare as the best.  This place is Seu Pizza Illuminati, located in Trastevere, Rome. This modern pizzeria seems to be packed every time I visit, with friendly waitstaff  and a great selection of craft beer. The dough is made fresh, in-house, and the options for pizza are multiple pages long.  The only bad thing is that they don’t have an English menu, so if you’re like me, you know about half the Italian words and have to look up the rest or ask for assistance when it comes to toppings.  My favorite pie thus far is the Mint, Yellow Tomato and Smoked Provola cheese or listed as Menta, Pomodoro Giallo e Provola Affumicato on the “Seu” page of the menu. Be sure to try a craft brew while dining here, they have a great selection to enjoy with your pizza, of which I recommend Brewfist. And now to the pizza….The crust is a perfect combo of crisp and soft, the cheese is warm and gooey, and the occasional taste of fresh mint leaves you craving more.  Too bad pizza isn’t low calorie or I would be living off of their pizza. Be sure to put this place on your list if you make it to Rome.

Have you been here?  Your impression? What are your other favorite pizza places in Rome? Let me know below.

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